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Holiday of a Lifetime

by V`yonne 

Posted: 28 February 2012
Word Count: 79
Summary: For Robin's challenge

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Let’s all go on a Costa-lot-a Cruise.
If a fire starts or
if she lists,
the crews
know just what to do.

Where’s the risk?
We’re surrounded by water for God’s sake
go below -- we ought-a
be okay.
A thousand people against the sea.
The sea’s outnumbered and you can see
islands lit up in
the fire’s romantic glow.

The captain has
depth of conviction –
there’s safety in numbers.
Costa-lot-a Cruises – a must, must, must


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Comments by other Members

Nella at 11:36 on 28 February 2012  Report this post
Oh, excellent, Oonah! Very tongue-in-cheek.
Love this:
Costa-lot-a Cruise.

A thousand people against the sea.
I also like this thought: How people think they are so invincible against catastrophy.

Well done!


V`yonne at 11:48 on 28 February 2012  Report this post
And I didn't even buy a newspaper - there it was on the internet ; I might put this one on my blog.

Neezes at 12:15 on 28 February 2012  Report this post
Nice irony there... I loved the bit about the sea being outnumbered, perhaps that could be tied in closer to the 'for god's sake' with some reference/mythologising of the sea?

Great word play and internal rhymes...

I wondered if the last line would have more impact if it was just "a must, must, muster."



tusker at 17:46 on 28 February 2012  Report this post
You're on the ball, Oonah. Quick too!

Enjoyed this. Shows the perils of cruising. No way I'd set foot on what I term a floating coffin.

Loved: islands lit up in the fire's romantic glow.


Dave Morehouse at 18:14 on 28 February 2012  Report this post
"Depth of conviction" - Very clever. I also liked the play on words in line 1. The first stanza which is a loose limerick sets the tone wonderfully for me. Agreed with Jonathon about the one too many 'musts'. It breaks my rhythm...unless, of course, it represents a capsize. In that case it's perfect. Dave

V`yonne at 19:45 on 28 February 2012  Report this post
I was thinking of all those people sliding to one side as well as the advertising mechanism - yes, Dave. I'm glad this went down well - a bit tacky of me to be honest ;

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