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A Final Exit by BryanW Word Count: 586

For Week 482 Challenge 'Passing it on"  
8 Nov 2013

A Sense of Perspective by BryanW Word Count: 898
1  Comment

For Bazz's 614 Challenge of the senses. 
8 Oct 2016

A Stirring Tale by BryanW Word Count: 743

For the 486 Challenge. Sorry about the beached whale simile. I couldn't think of another at the time but I sense there should be a metaphor or simile there! Feel free to replace it with a better one of your own. 
7 Dec 2013

An American Dream - The Legacy by BryanW Word Count: 999

This story is based on Elvis's American Trilogy - a medley of 'My heart belongs to Dixie', the lullaby 'Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry' and 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic'- you know, that one that goes "Glory, Glory Hallelujah. Sing or hum these while you read an, you never know, you might even manage to improve the quality of the writing. 
1 Dec 2016

Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts by BryanW Word Count: 791

For Week 485 Challenge. I was very taken with the myth of the Trojan War as a youngster. I suppose it is one of my thoughts about honour in war that pops up in my story here.  
28 Nov 2013

Bridge Over Troubled Waters by BryanW Word Count: 996

For Cliff Hanger's Impossible 616 Challenge 
19 Oct 2016

Carpe Diem by BryanW Word Count: 614

For Challenge 489 
28 Dec 2013

Children of a Future Age by BryanW Word Count: 2011

A first upload in this group for me. I'd appreciate any comments. Oh - one thing - should a chunk of the Keats poem referred to be presented earlier or even at the start to help the reader? 
11 Nov 2013

Digging about in the Garden by BryanW Word Count: 1000

For Challenge 640 - The Garden of Cosmic Speculation. 
29 Apr 2017

Food of the Gods by BryanW Word Count: 800

For TassieDevil's Challenge 627. As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods They kill us for their sport.  
13 Jan 2017

From Out The Flames ... by BryanW Word Count: 800

For Bazz's Elemental Challenge 631 
17 Feb 2017

Happy 2016! by BryanW Word Count: 698

For Bazz's Challenge 582 
1 Jan 2016

I think therefore I am ... I think by BryanW Word Count: 900

For Bazz's Challenge 628 
17 Jan 2017

It`s Like Déjà Vu All Over Again by BryanW Word Count: 1000

A recent report suggested that if the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs had hit the Earth a few seconds later it would have splashed in the ocean fairly harmlessly and history, or rather, pre-history would have been completely different. Man's rather limited 200,000 years time on earth would probably not have happened. 
7 Jun 2017

Oh, would you be an an angel ... by BryanW Word Count: 1000

Dear reader, the dialogue in this historical account, at least until the final scene which took place in the Protestant Cemetery in Rome in 1888, when the famous memorial to William Wetmore Storey and his wife was first unveiled, has been translated from the Italian - rather badly, I’m afraid, by your humble and linguistically challenged narrator.  
28 Jan 2017

Olga from the Volga by BryanW Word Count: 999

For Oonah's Paper Doll Challenge 641. 
10 May 2017

Perception and the Beholder`s Eye by BryanW Word Count: 990

For Challenge 645. A bit autobiographical, this one. 
18 Jun 2017

Recherching les Temps Perdu by BryanW Word Count: 997

For Bazz's Week 577 Challenge 
13 Nov 2015

Ships Biscuits by BryanW Word Count: 999

For Rio's Halloween Challenge - 575 
31 Oct 2015

Slugging It Out. by BryanW Word Count: 699

Entry for Tassie Devil's 516 Neighbours Challenge 
11 Jul 2014

Some Mother`s Son by BryanW Word Count: 787

I was told, or I read, that by far the most common final word from soldiers dying in WW1 was "Mother." This is a true story, fictionalised. One of the names has been changed. 
21 Nov 2013

The End of the Road by BryanW Word Count: 823

For Week 524 Challenge. I suppose it might help if you know Gene Pitney's '24 Hours to Tulsa' - but then agai, it might not.  
13 Sep 2014

The History Trip - a tale with a moral by BryanW Word Count: 950

I discovered these couple of pages, hidden, I guess, behind a loose stone in the wall of the Old Jail House in the village of Stretton, a coaching stop in Rutland, on the old Great North Road from London, through York to Edinburgh. 
11 Nov 2016

The Lesson by BryanW Word Count: 900

For the 'Something to hold on to' Challenge. 
14 Jun 2014

The Lesson by BryanW Word Count: 801

For Bazz's Surprise Challenge 533 
15 Nov 2014

The Myth Factor - A Televised Talent Show by BryanW Word Count: 785

For Sandra's Tribute to John Challenge - Week 551 
4 Apr 2015

The Night I Discovered the Laryngeal Imperative by BryanW Word Count: 687

For Challenge 531. 
30 Oct 2014

The Shining Path by BryanW Word Count: 606

For Challenge 492 
17 Jan 2014

The Wife`s Story by BryanW Word Count: 739

Intended as a cautionary tale for us all. It's a rushed job. And I can tell you one thing I'm not addicted to - and that's Christmas shopping! 
21 Dec 2013

They`re All Talking About Jim by BryanW Word Count: 500

NOT for entry in the competition - obviously - I'm judging this week's. But I thought I'd have a go at writing something anyway. 
15 Nov 2013

Those Silvery Beams that Bring Love`s Dreams by BryanW Word Count: 698

For TassieDevil's 537 Song Title Challenge 
11 Dec 2014

Twitchers by BryanW Word Count: 999

For Chestermummy's Challenge 623. 
14 Dec 2016

Visiting Time by BryanW Word Count: 797

For Loopili's Week 517 Challenge 
19 Jul 2014

What a Strange Power there is in Clothing by BryanW Word Count: 800

For the Deadly Sin Challenge. Starts with some vanity - but I suppose that's not deadly? I think there's a touch of envy, just a hint of two types of lust, and some wrath involved - but our mc's problem is mainly pride. 
26 Mar 2015

Yo Ho Ho by BryanW Word Count: 500

For Cliff Hanger's Challenge 624. The Christmas card in question had a bunch of Santa's elves on it and I was a bit worried about their working conditions ... And so who says I can't do political satire now, eh? 
21 Dec 2016

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