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Coffee Jar Coffin by Tray Word Count: 99

I am studying poetry as part of my degree course and I am just putting together my End Of Module Folder. I am hoping to include this so any feedback would be great. It is part of a sequence of poems entitled Snapshots Of Urban Life. 
25 Nov 2005

Memories Of Mother by Tray Word Count: 89

Hi all, this is for my folder. I like the idea of having longer sentences in this poem as it is a more wistful piece. I am also reading C.K.Williams anthology Flesh and Blood which is great and has influenced me in my formatting. But I would appreciate any comments on how I could improve this piece. And what about the title? Is it too cliched? Many thanks for any help. Tray x 
27 Nov 2005

Salsa In The Duck And Bull by Tray Word Count: 167

Here's a terza rima, (inspired by my first Salsa class last night). I struggled a bit on a couple of end rhymes - any comments would be fab... Tray x  
7 Dec 2005

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