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Name Martin Baum
User Name baumski
Home Page www.baumskifilks.com
Specialism Various
Location Southern
Interests Theatre, reading and movies.
Profile My new book `To Be or Not To Be - A Yoof-Speak Guide to Shakespeare`: www.yoofspeak.net is available now in all bookshops. Agent Details Futerman Rose Associates 91 St Leonards Road London SW14 7BL Tel: 020 8255 7755 Fax: 020 8286 4860 email: enquiries@futermanrose.co.uk

Published Works

  baumski's (a.k.a. Martin Baum)   'To Be or Not Be, Innit - A Yoof-speak Guide to Shakespeare' is published . (Available Now)
  • Alas, poor Shakespeare, we knew him well but not exactly in a way we used to. Because if Will was around today I think he'd be writing on the front line in Stratford upon Avon with his fit bitch Ann Hathaway in the Globe turff, getting loads of respec

  • Latest Work

    ECO CAVEMEN (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 101

    This is a short sketch about, er, eco cavemen. 
    19 Apr 2007

    Alan Bennett Talking Wind Turbines (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 201

    Alan Bennett is fighting plans to build a wind farm and this is my take on it.  
    19 Mar 2007

    WIND TURBINES (sketch) by baumski Word Count: 64

    This is an evironmentally green sketch 
    14 Mar 2007

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