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Name Tove Margrethe Dyblie
User Name Margrethe
Specialism Various
Location Other International
Interests Various, with writing being one of my passions.
Profile I am originally a business consultant, and have kept my writing to a hobby that I attend to when I have the time and energy. After years of nagging and encouragement from good friends I have finally taken a big leap - and quit my job!!!! Scary, but wonderful at the same time :-) Hoping to scrape by as a freelance consultant while dedicating as much time as I can to develop my writing. I`ll probably be a lot poorer - but also a lot happier :-)

Latest Work

Street Life by Margrethe Word Count: 104

This is about a man I once saw sitting on the street one night on my the way from the theater. We did not speek, but our eyes met for a split second. It will take a long time before I forget that look of wisdom, yet filled with total resignation. 
24 Aug 2003

Passion by Margrethe Word Count: 60

My first one was sad (prison), my second more glad (vacation) - and this one.......? Very happy for any comment - wandering if it is s bit to bold... 
17 Aug 2003

Vacation by Margrethe Word Count: 12

Since the last one was a bit sad - I'll try a happier one this time :-) 
17 Aug 2003

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