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  Freebird's (a.k.a. Sarah J Dodd)  children's picture book Legs is published in Lion Childrens' Books. (Available 21st August 2015)
  • Suitable especially those aged 3-5, this is the story of Miki the meerkat, who ventures out into the world and finds it bewilderingly full of legs. A story of exploration, adventure and love, but also fun and educational in matching legs and faces

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    Reading Book series... again! by Freebird Word Count: 60

    So the project is back on again :) Graded reading books for primary school age 
    17 Apr 2013

    The Secret of Spiral Cove 5 by Freebird Word Count: 929

    next installment - all comments appreciated 
    6 Jul 2012

    The Secret of Spiral Cove by Freebird Word Count: 73

    for younger readers (probably 9-12 
    14 Jun 2012

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