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Name Del Shannon
User Name Colonist
Specialism Fiction
Location US
Interests Children`s
Profile Full-time civil engineer specializing in soil and rock - think building foundations, earthen dams, retaining walls, tunnels, that sort of thing. Also hold a degree in journalism. Have been writing seriously for over a decade. Recently selected as a columnist for the Denver Post, Denver, Colorado, USA (circulation approx. 750,000). Love to write kids novels.

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Columns by Colonist Word Count: 1419

Two humor (hopefully) columns I'm preparing for the Denver Post (Denver, Colorado, USA). 
12 Jul 2004

Kevin`s Point of View - Chap. 2 by Colonist Word Count: 2261

We learn a little more about Kevin as his supercharged imagination here. We also find out where the Influxitron winds up after it's lost in the mail. 
28 Jun 2004

Kevin`s Point of View - Chap. 3 by Colonist Word Count: 703

Short chapter where we finally meet the bad guy, Devin Talon. 
30 Jun 2004

Kevin`s Point of View - Chap. 4 by Colonist Word Count: 2296

Kevin accidentally blasts a hole in his bedroom wall with the Influxitron (a small electronic device accidentally delivered to his home). 
6 Jul 2004

Kevin`s Point of View - Chap. 5 by Colonist Word Count: 1882

All the kids who've read the book have told me this is the one that makes them laugh the most. Nothing like a little slapstick and physical comedy to get people yucking it up. 
8 Jul 2004

Kevin`s Point of View - Chap. 6 by Colonist Word Count: 1493

Now that the silly pastie/pasty discussion has effectively been put to bed, here's the next chapter of Kevin's Point of View. 
14 Jul 2004

Kevin`s Point of View - Chapter 1 by Colonist Word Count: 1875

Next installment of the story. See Prologue for story description. 
25 Jun 2004

Kevin`s Point of View - Prologue by Colonist Word Count: 1619
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From Kevinís Point of View the material and fantastic weave and intermingle and tangle and snarl together to form a world that somehow makes sense. Life continues this way until an unexpected package arrives at his door. But the owner of this package, the very nasty Devin Talon, will do anything to get it back. With his brilliant imagination as his only defense, Kevin must outwit his pursuers to keep himself and his friends alive, and maybe save the world while heís at it.  
23 Jun 2004

RLG7 - Step, Step, Breath by Colonist Word Count: 853

My take on the June Random Line exercise. 
2 Jul 2004

RLG8 - A Subtle Flick by Colonist Word Count: 813

My take on the RLG8 
2 Aug 2004

The Dream Workshop by Colonist Word Count: 721

Humor column just submitted to the Denver Post for August 8th publication. Still time to change things around. 
28 Jul 2004

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