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Name Tom Cunningham
User Name Armadillo
Specialism Fiction
Location Other International
Interests Words, Stories, Experiences, Travel, Literature
Profile I am a twenty-two year old from Wellington, New Zealand. My favourites are Steinbeck, Orwell, Proust, Kerouac and Hemingway. I study Law and I do creative writing in my own time.

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A Reek in the Glade by Armadillo Word Count: 6739

5 Jun 2013

A Reek in the Glade - Edited by Armadillo Word Count: 4747

29 Aug 2013

Freud by Armadillo Word Count: 1676

Nothing complete at this stage! Just a snapshot into the life of a man who is struggling with his relationship and his feelings for his newly born son.  
11 Sep 2013

The Doctor - Chapter 1 by Armadillo Word Count: 1007

30 Oct 2013

The Doctor - Chapter 2 by Armadillo Word Count: 826

5 Dec 2013

The Drawer by Armadillo Word Count: 9782

Mr Avery, an artist, falls in love with another artist, Michelle. He is inspired by her drawings and strives to become as good as she is. He takes on Oliver as a student. Through his teaching he learns much from troubled Oliver, and his obsession to become a great artist ultimately destroys his relationship. 
15 Apr 2013

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