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Name Robert King
User Name FenixTaichou
Birthday 14/02/1984
Specialism Fiction
Location South East
Profile I`m currently in my second year taking a Foundation Degree in Creative Industries Professional Writing under the University of Greenwich (at the Dartford North West Kent College site). I`ve spent most of the years writing for myself, but have taken part in large online writing communities. I try to inject some humour into my work while writing about some more serious or darker issues. I`m an ideas man and like to work on adapting things and creating projects.

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 Back! I trust you all had a decent Xmas and New Year? It's good to be back, I've neglected WriteWords for a little while, but I hope to have some work up here again soon. Ja ne~...
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 Character Questions It's odd, I've gotten over one illness and seem to have acquired another! I have an interesting question which I have posted in the Beginners Group. If you could ask your characters questions, what would you ask them? It's an idea I h...
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 *cough cough* I feel like I'm dying - although I have been diagnosed by most of the women around me as suffering from "man-flu". I hate being ill, because being ill means being lazy with no choice. If I'm going to be lazy I at least want to do it on my own term...
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Coffee Break - Mystery by FenixTaichou Word Count: 570

First part in a series of pieces I started that were meant to be "stop and start" shorts - pieces done in one sitting and around 500 words. As it goes this one stretches to just under 600 words but hey, there you go. The title is a bit lame, apologies for that, and it's more crime than mystery, despite the title. [ver 2.0] A grizzled old detective about to retire finds a body and a chance for a big blowout case. 
24 Nov 2008

Coffee Break 1 - Mystery [REVISED 13/07/2010] by FenixTaichou Word Count: 570

A revised version of a short piece I made as part of a series of shorts around 500 words each spanning various genres . 
13 Jul 2010

Excerpt - Erotica by FenixTaichou Word Count: 608

As the title says, it's purely a piece of erotica I wrote "just to see if I can". It was actually a joke challenge with a friend as I've never written this stuff before. I'm thinking of writing a bit more in the future, a proper story with erotic content, rather than erotica written for the sake of erotica! 
3 Dec 2008

Horseshoe by FenixTaichou Word Count: 564

A piece I did as a test fiction work for GCSE English retake, therefore it's actually a bit rubbish 
27 Sep 2009

Hospital Bed Musings by FenixTaichou Word Count: 370

Short piece I wrote. It was one of those "venting emotions" types. I always struggle to write when I try too hard, when I let it flow, this kind of thing happens 
25 May 2010

It was a dark and stormy night... by FenixTaichou Word Count: 166

Very very short piece, a writing exercise starting a story with "It was a dark and stormy night". Take that, cliché! 
28 May 2010

Secrets and Lies by FenixTaichou Word Count: 2679
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I left the title as I originally named it, though its not quite apt. This was originally written as a stand alone but may be extended to a bigger story. The Groom and the Best Man are on their way to the Grooms hotel room before the wedding. Read on... (if anyone can think of a better category than "Relationships" please let me know) 
28 Nov 2008

The Hidden Dragon - A Biography of Zhuge Liang by FenixTaichou Word Count: 1303
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This was a piece that I did for my GCSE English retakes. We had to simply write a piece about a particular icon/celebrity/famous person. As always I like to challenge myself so picked someone rather obscure but that I had an interest in. Yes it's GCSE level and was done just over a year ago, but its something I'm proud of. Hope you enjoy. 
14 Dec 2008

We Love To Eat - Frankenstein`s Chocolate Egg by FenixTaichou Word Count: 239

A piece written and sent off to the Guardian's "Family Life" section, written about a year ago 
19 Sep 2009

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