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We Love To Eat - Frankenstein`s Chocolate Egg

by FenixTaichou 

Posted: 19 September 2009
Word Count: 239
Summary: A piece written and sent off to the Guardian's "Family Life" section, written about a year ago

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This chocolate monstrosity, digestive accident waiting to happen, was created by my sister in her mid teens. I was about half that age. Her and a friend had decided, spur of the moment, that it would be a good idea to find a large variety of chocolate bars and melt them all together into one solid choclate egg. It worked in theory. In reality it did not. After haphazardly melting and mushing together the mixture it was moved into the plastic egg mould to set.

This Frankenstein's monster of confectionary treats later emerged from its plastic moulding cocoon. After much amusement at this chocolate catastrophy I was informed that I was to be the guinea pig for the project. I took a chunk of this malformed monster, dodging biscuit debris and marshmallow amoeba, and reluctantly ate it. It may have looked dodgy, but it tasted pretty good.

My sister was free spirited and spontaneous back then. She isn't as much so now not out of growing up but out of necessity. With a 1 year old daughter, a house to run and an accounting job to keep there isn't much time to make crazy chocolate creations just because you can.

Those were simpler times, but everyone should take the time once in a while to make that chocolate egg, or whatever crazy idea that takes your fancy. It may not be what you expected, but it'll certainly be memorable.

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