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Victor Gente Delespejo

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User Name Victor Gente Delespejo
Specialism Various
Location London
Profile I like to deal with dynamic writing and fractal development of thought in both prose`n`poetry. Am self-taught and free-spirited and always eager to listen to a fresh new perspective, an old and recycled one, or a combination of the two. I believe in an honest exchange of ideas, which I think is the best way forward. Political correctness doesn`t inspire me. Neither does compulsive controversy. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

Published Works

  Victor Gente Delespejo's (a.k.a. Nicolas D. Sampson)   Behind the Mirror is published . (Available Now)
  • This is a collection of short stories and reflections given through the correspondence of two friends, Victor and Xavier, who are exchanging stories, reflections and general ideas through fierce correspondence. Constantly investigating the world, they see

  • Latest Work

    Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire by Victor Gente Delespejo Word Count: 1692

    A short piece on the abuse of idealism by self-serving expediency and on how to approach the matter. Acquiesce or do something about it...? 
    12 May 2008

    After The Surge and Before The Meltdown by Victor Gente Delespejo Word Count: 742

    A short absurdist take on G. Dubya Bush and his creed 
    7 May 2008

    The Colony by Victor Gente Delespejo Word Count: 832

    How do we know that the overwhelming phenomena we face in this world are not the byproducts of organisms that are so beyond our scale that we cannot conceive of them as they truly are? 
    15 Dec 2007

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