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User Name azsacra
Home Page http://www.azsacra-zarathustra.ru
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Profile ZARATHUSTRA AZsacra Great Russian esoteric philosopher, poet and metaextremalist. Philosophy of our poems in brief: the sensual basis precisation of the world. Animals, herbs, fish and birds also should have their own Gospel. In this case it is the Gospel of Birds of Prey. MYSTERIUM speaks about the clash of the nature and human, initial instincts and perpetual Spirit... I always will poetically revenge for their Death!

Published Works

  azsacra's (a.k.a. AZsacra ZARATHUSTRA)   THE LOTUSES OF EVIL is published . (Available Now)
  • "THE LOTUSES OF EVIL" by AZsacra supplement and harmonically finish the theme of poetic nihilism started by Charles Baudelaire in "LES FLEURS DU MAL", bringing to the modern world traditions of "damned poets". But AZsacra attacks from the very heart of th

  •   azsacra's (a.k.a. AZsacra ZARATHUSTRA)   AMERICA: INVASION OF THE HEART is published . (Available Now)
  • Synthesizing various symbols and images he, in a very whimsical way, in very inconceivable combinations, unites and empowers energies of Light and Dark. Takes as allies Void and Nothing. Orders the weak to become the Strong! AZsacra craves for overcoming

  • Latest Work

    AVENGE ME by azsacra Word Count: 138

    16 Sep 2007

    THE MOTH IN THE FIRE by azsacra Word Count: 72

    11 Sep 2007

    THE DOG-ANTHILL by azsacra Word Count: 92

    31 Aug 2007

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