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Esther Frances

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Member Since: 13 March 2006
Last visited: 03 August 2013
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Name Esther Frances Hunter
User Name Esther Frances
Specialism Poetry
Location South East
Interests Poetry, reading, holistic therapies, opera, people - endless really
Profile Love poetry, reading, the arts, any creative activity, people watching, nature. To date my poetry has been introspective but now I`m `coming out` so to speak. I am a scientist and so quite analytical and left brained, which, I hope, can create an interesting view when combined with an open and creative right brain. One of my ambitions is to publish a book of poetry, either alone or with others.

Latest Work

A Last Goodbye My Soulmate by Esther Frances Word Count: 419

The time comes when one has to give up on their soulmate. When promises made in previous lives are not kept time after time. It is with great sadness that I choose to sever this tie but I owe it to myself and have to let my light shine brightly in the time I have left. 
22 Jun 2013

The Salesman known as Billy The Bragger by Esther Frances Word Count: 300

This one is about show-off men who brag about everything in order to attract other people. 
18 May 2013

You by Esther Frances Word Count: 418

My Poetry is Lost at the End of your Leg 
24 Oct 2012

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