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 Fragments of History, Not Lost, Just Forgotten In 1911 tradesmen arrived in Kent Street near Sydney's Town Hall. They had instructions from the church leaders to dismantle St Andrew's Scots Presbyterian Church which included the removal of several memorial plaques, stained glass windows, a sto...
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 The Tomb of Phillip Parker King Years ago Phillip Parker King stood on a hill near his property Dunheved. I imagine he felt very pleased with himself, his success and the building project that was about to take place. A small church was about to be built on the hill, a church that would...
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 A time line that sings Allan Cunningham's story would make a really good book using a creative non-fiction writing technique. It's a method I would love to use and a story I would love to write, however since starting out on my journey to tell his story I have discovere...
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Morocco 1970, A Travellers Tale by di2 Word Count: 535

Something happened in the home of a stranger, one moonlit night in Morocco. 
27 Apr 2009

Fragments of History, Not Lost, Just Forgotten by di2 Word Count: 1862

Historical fragments when put together help us understand a man who walked on this earth many years ago through stories linked to him. How did he behave, what was his claim to fame, where he did he live out his life and why was he so committed. From fragments a personality profile can be built. Here we will build a personality profile from a forgotten memorial at St Andrews Scots Presbyterian Church Rose Bay in Sydney. 
2 Jan 2009

Parramatta: a treasure trove of stories by di2 Word Count: 1104
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28 Sep 2008

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