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Name laura fraser
User Name laurafraser
Specialism Fiction
Location London
Interests Life and the characters and experiences in it

Latest Work

Beyond by laurafraser Word Count: 1187

The title alludes to Nietzsche's "Beyond Good and Evil" though it does not focus on the Good/evil part, more the idea of the "beyond" that interested me. was fiddling around with prose poetry as well having read a wee bit of Gertrude Stein... It may all be a bit of a piddle but I enjoyed writing it... XLF 
6 Feb 2006

`Sick Men`s Dreams. (Edited) by laurafraser Word Count: 1420

The title is a quote taken from the philosopher, David Hume, referring to relgious superstition and relgion. This sort story has nothing to do with relgion. But perhaps a bit of the imagination that Hume refers to in his essay. Chimera was a Monster with the head of a lion, body of a goat and the tail of a dragon. It breathed fire and lived and ravaged Lycia until Bellerophon killed it. I would greatly appreciate all comments - is this total tosh...? Happy days xL. 
7 Dec 2005

A scab called life by laurafraser Word Count: 160

19 Oct 2005

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