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Courtney S Hughes

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Name Adrian C Smith
User Name Courtney S Hughes
Specialism Theatre
Location London
Interests Human nature, wildlife, dreams and what if?
Profile Courtney has recently spent the last two years in Budapest where he has found a few stolen moments to write, write, write. He has in fact now written, written, written over 15 plays of varying lengths, started a novel, dabbled in musical theatre and then realised that it will all be in vain unless he finally gets an agent, agent, agent. p.s. He doesn`t always repeat words, words, words.

Latest Work

Writing Challenge 1: BILLY by Courtney S Hughes Word Count: 2147

Here is my response to Mr B's writting challenge. The scenario is three men discussing the performance of a new play. Each wants something from the other but is trying to get it without letting the third person know about it. Look forward to your comments. (Sorry about the formatting by the way) 
22 Mar 2005

The Drifter by Courtney S Hughes Word Count: 3835

This was the entry I submitted to the HOTBED festival under their 20min category. I'd be interested to hear different interpretations on the piece. It is slightly surreal and not endemic of my writing style which remains mildly erratic! - No clues on this one I'm afraid, you'll just have to read it. ADDITION: I tried attatching this file in the rtf format and it didnt work so I've done a messy cut and paste... sorry!! 
13 Dec 2004

The Problem With Me - Revised/Extended by Courtney S Hughes Word Count:
1  Comment

Originally this was just a sample monologue I had put on the writewords site but the response was so encouraging that I developed it into a full play. I hope you all like it, if you have any ideas as to whom I should send it to then please let me know. 
1 Dec 2004

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