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Name Ross Burton
User Name scriever
Home Page https://scrievin.wordpress.com/
Specialism Fiction
Groups Critique Central   Flash Fiction   Short Story Writers Group  
Location Scotland
Interests suspense, noir, sci-fi, comedy, contemporary, thriller/private eye
Profile I`m in my 50s and I live in Stirling with my wife, youngest child (of three) and cat. I`ve always loved words and reading, and five years ago discovered that I love to write fiction, letting my imagination fly where it will. I rarely know when I begin a new story where or how it`s going to end, and I love that.

Latest Work

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A Christmas Tale by scriever Word Count: 2316

A seasonal story, about the magic of Christmas 
12 Dec 2016

A Quiet Night by scriever Word Count: 980
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For the challenge 
26 May 2017

A Quiet Night by scriever Word Count: 980

For the challenge. This is a total stretch of the imagination, as I don't snore, no matter what my wife says... 
27 May 2017

A Robin in a Hat by scriever Word Count: 499

For the challenge - inspired by a Christmas card. One arrived on the same day the challenge was set, of a Robin, in a hat, perched on a snowy branch. This is what was going on inside its tiny head. Probably. 
22 Dec 2016

A Tale of New York by scriever Word Count: 982

For the challenge. I've always loved the short stories of P G Wodehouse and Damon Runyon. What would happen if some of the characters from these two worlds came into contact? 
7 Jan 2017

A Tramcar Named Desire by scriever Word Count: 996

A love story set in Manchester, mostly aboard a tram. This is the first short story I wrote, about four years ago, and remains one of my favourites. 
16 Oct 2016

Broken Down Angel by scriever Word Count: 982

For the challenge. A very literal interpretation of the picture 
28 Jan 2017

Chromium Dreams by scriever Word Count: 481

A story where nothing much happens; it was inspired by Tom Waits' songs - no particular one, just the feeling. 
27 Oct 2016

Cold As Ice by scriever Word Count: 1010

Inspired by a very cold weekend in the Scottish Borders last winter 
4 Nov 2016

Commando by scriever Word Count: 973

For the challenge - treachery. This is a true story, apparently, although the names are made up. 
29 Jul 2017

Food by scriever Word Count: 980

For the challenge. 
19 Aug 2017

For The Good Of The Party by scriever Word Count: 971

For the flash challenge. Inspired by the ending of a famous novel. 
18 Nov 2016

Local Hero by scriever Word Count: 771

For the challenge, Heroes or villains. 
14 Jan 2017

Memories by scriever Word Count: 691

For the challenge. Inspired by a wonderful article I read:https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/jan/19/if-you-were-an-elephant- 
19 Jan 2017

Monster! by scriever Word Count: 748

For the challenge - perception. 
14 Jun 2017

Sensational! by scriever Word Count: 485

For the challenge. Not just one, but all five senses! 
10 Feb 2017

The Circus Comes To Town by scriever Word Count: 465

Remember the European referendum? Some of us will never forget it... 
30 Dec 2016

The Fox and the Hound by scriever Word Count: 1954

A two-person pov story set in London during WW2. The italicised parts are from the pov of Londoner Gloria, the regular type the pov of an unnamed US pilot on leave from his unit. 
27 Oct 2016

The Journey by scriever Word Count: 996

For the challenge. The place that's significant is important because the main character has left it. 
9 Dec 2016

The Lady Di Diet by scriever Word Count: 998

For the challenge. I had a rummage through the prompts and came across one called 'The Irrational Robot Prompt' 
11 May 2017

The Last Member by scriever Word Count: 978

For the challenge, the final something or other. Here's the story of the final member of Boat of Garten Golf Club. 
15 May 2017

The Monster by scriever Word Count: 733

For the flash challenge. The ending is as horrific as I can imagine. 
17 Dec 2016

The Phone Call by scriever Word Count: 483

For the challenge - the link. A true story. 
5 Sep 2017

The Phonebox of Cosmic Speculation by scriever Word Count: 996

For the flash challenge. Starts in a phone box, ends in a lovely garden 
7 May 2017

The Seventh Exit by scriever Word Count: 683

For the challenge - hopefully the right one this time! Challenge 648 - the moment. I've chosen a personal moment, that felt as if it meant something at the time, but which turned out not to.. 
3 Aug 2017

The Space Kebabs of Death! by scriever Word Count: 961

For the challenge. In the far future, death is nearly a thing of the past. 
30 Mar 2017

The Space Kebabs of Death! by scriever Word Count: 973

For the challenge. In the far future, death is nearly a thing of the past. 
30 Mar 2017

The Tale of Connie The Cat by scriever Word Count: 975

For the challenge. I've wondered what goes on inside our cat's head. 
24 Mar 2017

The Wait by scriever Word Count: 899

For the challenge. The basis of this - the characters, the meeting - is true, but the rest is imagined. 
24 Feb 2017

Then there was the bad weather by scriever Word Count: 689

For the challenge. 
8 Apr 2017

Thunder Road by scriever Word Count: 904

For the flash challenge: a short story with a soundtrack. Set in the 1980s, to go by the songs. 
2 Dec 2016

Under The Bed by scriever Word Count: 856

For the challenge. What's under the bed? And why is it so annoying? 
12 Apr 2017

When Smokey Sings by scriever Word Count: 948

For the challenge - a road trip that tells a (semi-autobiographical) tale of young love, unrequited and then dashed... 
9 Nov 2016

Who`s There? by scriever Word Count: 412

For the challenge. Each and every phrase, in the right order! Who cares if the story's rubbish? 
18 Mar 2017

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