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Name Jessica Paul
User Name JessicaPaul
Birthday 04/08/1987
Specialism Various
Location Wales
Interests Writing, yogalates, walking, reading, watching films, knitting, socialising, keep fit classes, dancing
Profile I`m a 23 yar old stay at home mum with two young boys. I hope to some day be considered `an author`! I love writing and write various different types of work ranging from poetry, to childrens books, movie scripts and I am currently working on a novel. Take a look at my home page if you`re interested in reading some of my work and I welcome any comments you`d like to make; I crave the feedback!

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Manic Panic by JessicaPaul Word Count: 89

A work in progress. I'm hoping it's quite evident from the content what the poem's about. I'm currently studying Psychology and wanted to try and write something that related to my current topic. I'm hoping it doesn't sound too simplistic, or overly-reductive of the disorder as I don't have first hand experience. 
16 May 2012

Nelson the one eyed turkey pirate by JessicaPaul Word Count: 493

follow on from nelson the one eyed turkey chick. 
16 Jun 2012

Sand Castles and Empty Shells by JessicaPaul Word Count: 157

20 Aug 2011

The Church - Chapter 1, 1st Draft by JessicaPaul Word Count: 1366

This is the first draft of the first chapter of the novel I am writing. Let me know what you think. Also, I have uploaded the 1st draft of the second chapter, so if you want you can take a look at that and leave your comments for that one too. Thanks. 
31 Aug 2011

The Church - Chapter 3, Draft 1 by JessicaPaul Word Count: 2183

This is the third chapter of the novel I'm writing. It's not 100percent finished yet but I'm struggling with where to go with it or whether to just leave it here and continue the story in a fourth chapter. For some reason, the next things I want to happen don't quite flow from here. Give it a read and let me know what you think. If you havent read chapters one and two and you feel you need to, I've uploaded them into my archives. Thank you very much. 
4 Nov 2011

The Church, Chapter 2, Draft 1 by JessicaPaul Word Count: 2997

This is the first draft of the second chapter of a novel I'm writing. I've also uploaded the first draft of Chapter 1 so if you haven't already, you can read that one first. Let me know what you think, I'm very eagre for feedback. Just one thing, my biggest floor is structure and grammar so ifyou see anything that's really obviously wrong in that sense, let me know please, I'll be very grateful. Thanks 
4 Sep 2011

The Harvester - Chapter 1, Draft 1 by JessicaPaul Word Count: 753

A novel I've only just started and havent quite got clear in my head yet so this is a very rough start to see if I wanted to coninue with this or not. 
17 Nov 2011

The River Path by JessicaPaul Word Count: 125

Hmmmm...what to say about this one? I'm kind of hoping the poem will do the talking for me. I'd be really interested to hear what people understood from it to see whether or not I conveyed what I wanted to well. 
18 May 2012

The Ticking Clock by JessicaPaul Word Count: 275

29 Aug 2011

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