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Synopsis for Lost in Fredom by Writingislife Word Count: 877

This is part of the Synopsis I have tried to re-write.I know it not right -but please put me straight. I have so much more of the story to add -but it seems too long already! Help! 
6 Jun 2011

Lost in Freedom (working Title) by Writingislife Word Count: 110

Need to keep writing my Novel! I know exactly where I'm going with it; have plot sorted out.Just need to write! 
29 Mar 2010

Lost in Freedom (working Title) by Writingislife Word Count: 901

Started writing this novel 2 years ago. I finished the 1st chapter then, but keep eding the darn thing. I Need help! I keep doubting it's any good.This the start of Chapter 1-will add rest when chapter completed. Critiques please!!My concern is that it may not have a strong enough 'hook'. I'm trying for 500 words per day, now. Wrote 600 yesterday. Thanks G 
24 Mar 2010

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