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Latest Work

Witch (2nd draft) by Doyaldinho Word Count: 1839

The 2nd draft of my short story. Hopefully the lumps have been ironed out of the prose. I would like your opinions on the piece as a whole; do you think it is "good" enough? I've had a hard time getting believable reviews from people I know with most of my stuff!!! 
29 Jan 2010

Witch by Doyaldinho Word Count: 1690

A short story set in the fantasy world I have created for my WIP novel. I decided to write this based on the past of one of its characters. Cora's past is only implicitly mentioned but I felt it interesting enough to be told here. This is also the first time that I have written anything in the 1st person, never mind attempting to write from a woman's perspective! 
25 Jan 2010

Untitled Chapter 4 part 1 by Doyaldinho Word Count: 2153

The first half of my fourth chapter. Nit pick away! 
20 Jan 2010

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