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Name Steven James Hutchinson
User Name Frits
Specialism Various
Location Wales
Interests Music, Writing, Classic Cars and Motorcycles, Gadgetry and anything multi-purpose.
Profile Since my last profile edit I`ve become not only older and wiser but happier. I first started to experiment with songs and poems in 1970 after reading `MAD` magazine and the comical songs therein. From that zany beginning I started writing my own songs and strumming a guitar. I was the FrontMan In a reggae band during the`80s. I spend more time now composing and writing both music and lyrics and continue to write poems and songs which reflect my thoughts and experiences.

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Yeppers by Frits Word Count: 822

I was inspired to write this after a friend on the internet said 'Yeppers' as an affirmation. I asked jokingly if that was a plural and if so what was a single Yepper? something that 'Yepps'? well they do, and they will, do I feel a sequel coming on? who knows what's round that bend?  
12 Jul 2003

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