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by Frits 

Posted: 12 July 2003
Word Count: 822
Summary: I was inspired to write this after a friend on the internet said 'Yeppers' as an affirmation. I asked jokingly if that was a plural and if so what was a single Yepper? something that 'Yepps'? well they do, and they will, do I feel a sequel coming on? who knows what's round that bend?

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The land of Yepp is far away, beyond the hills of Doris Day,
across the Ocean deep and blue. That's where the Yeppers hide from you.
They nod and grin and all agree. They eat green bread and drink blue tea.
Such fun they have together, and, they love to burrow in the sand.
A place of harmony and calm, the Yeppers have a good alarm.
If anybody visits there, they really need to take good care.
The slightest sound of stranger's feet upon the sand will start the beat,
a pounding that is so severe, it makes grown men just shake with fear.
The Yeppers' Magic works a treat, they like their privacy complete,
So happy they have always been, no fight or war they've ever seen.

Meanwhile aboard the good ship 'Gwynne' a little girl invited in
to see the captain, she is sad, because she misses Mum and Dad.
She's going home, she's been to stay with her great auntie Marcie May.
"Cheer up" said Captain Harry Tripp, "Come on, I'll show you round my ship."
"I'm cold" she said as she was led, "Here put my tunic on" he said
"and here's some toffees for you too" her face lit up "Oh my! Thank you."
The sky was dark that chilly morning, the squall it came without a warning,
The captain said "Watch out, take care" he turned around, There was no one there!
Alarm was raised! The word was out! "MAN OVERBOARD!" the captain's shout.
"A little girl wearing my jacket" when asked he said, "It's Becky Blackett"

In Yeppland things were doing fine, old Smidge was making Fir Cone Wine,
and Gortle thought it would be fun to make a giant seaweed bun.
Knill and Knoll had lots to do because they are the only two
who work the Magic's secret spell. But on this day, Knill wasn't well.
"I've got a tummy bug" she cried, "I cant get up, I've tried and tried".
"It hurts a lot" she made a groan, "Knoll cannot work it on his own".
Soon all the yeppers rallied round and burrowed into Knill's homeground.
"What can we do"? asked Worky Thrish, "Do we have to feed you fish"?
"Oh no" cried Knill not fish again, "I need a new relief of pain."
Meanwhile up above the sand, a stranger crawled upon the land.
"SHH listen ,What was that"? said Tring, "I thought I heard a surface thing"
Brill popped an eye up, "WE MUST HIDE! It must have come in on the tide"!
"I don't know what it is" Brill said, "It's moving so it isn't dead".
"Maybe it just needs some help, we could just give it curried kelp."
"and what about me?", wailed Knill, "I'm really, really, REALLY ILL."
"You will get better soon enough" said Doctor Dott, "I have some stuff"

Upon the beach was Becky Blackett, taking off the Captains jacket.
"I didn't think I would survive" she thought "but here I am, marooned, alive"!
She didn't have much time for fright, a sound! she turned, and what a sight!
They sat there blinking hand in hand, then more appeared there on the sand.
"H-Hello" she stammerred, "lovely day! My name is Becky, lost my way."
"YEPP" they said together, loud, "YEPP YEPP" from that funny crowd"
One came forward, sat and said "You're in North Yeppland, My name's Shedd."
"We have a problem, we need help, I don't suppose you've got some Kelp?"
"Is that something you can eat? Would any of you like a sweet?
"SWEET? roared Shedd, do you not jest? A joke perhaps? A little test?
"YEPP YEPP YEPP" Chorused the throng, a rhythmic sort of wordless song,
"I have a bag of Toffees here, please take them, try them have no fear."
Shedd grabbed the bag and like a ball, He burrowed followed by them all.
She sat alone "Was that a dream? A funny nightmare it would seem."
"It worked" a voice said from behind, "you had some sweets where did you find?"
"I cant remember, dont know why, my mind is fuzzy, think i'll cry!"
"I am Knill, The magic Yin" She had a very funny grin,
"One of your sweets has made me well, I feel all right now, can you tell?"
"I work with Knoll my Yang you see, we make our Magic, keeps us free
of Nasties, Yukks and Naughties right? But only when we're both alright!
"YEPP YEPP YEPP YEPP YEPP" she heard, quite loud above Knill's spoken word.
Then silence, they were all around, not a murmur, not a sound,
"The Yeppers hereby have decreed that you're a Friend a Star indeed."
"You can go home now Becky Blackett, You better leave the Captain's jacket."
"He'll need it for another trip, aboard his lovely dreamland ship"
"Wake up Becky time for school, Cornflakes crunchy, milk is cool"
"Yeppers" Becky yawned,
"I'll be right there"

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Comments by other Members

poemsgalore at 13:38 on 13 July 2003  Report this post
I couldn't stop reading this once I'd started, it was so easy to follow along and I'll bet children would love it - I know I did!! (Hang on, I'm not a child) oh well, you know what I mean. I can visualise it in a story book with pop up pictures, all bright colours. Actually - it reminds me a bit of Dr Seuss.

Frits at 16:43 on 13 July 2003  Report this post
Thank you for your comments, this is my first ever attempt at storytelling in rhyme. I have been writing occasional poetry and songs since 1970. I had no idea who Dr.Seuss was until you mentioned him.(please excuse my ignorance).

noddy at 22:37 on 15 July 2003  Report this post
Hi Frits,
This was great. Witty, inventive, and really clever. My kids would certainly love it !

BTW, I read them a Dr. Seuss poem/story nearly every night and this is the same sort of style and inventiveness... (that's a compliment, by the way). If you haven't read any of the Dr. Seuss books, definitely check them out - the word-play is a joy to read !


Frits at 22:54 on 15 July 2003  Report this post
Thanx Nod, for the compliment and the advice. Let me know what your kids think. I could do with an illustrator, someone from Walt Disney Productions. Dream on eh?
I'm going to have to Read-up some Dr.Seuss stuff.

fevvers at 14:22 on 02 August 2003  Report this post
Hey Frits

This is nice. I enjoyed reading it. I think you need to tighten it up a bit (you could probably take a third off at least) and check your scansion. Your rhymes are lovely, especially because they are full rhymes and don't get diluted by half-rhymes. Cracking.

As well as Dr Seuss you might be interested in Edward Lear, Roger McGough, Kit Wright and Gavin Ewart. Comic and nonsense verse isn't just for children. I love reading this kind of comic verse.


youngskywalker at 04:47 on 14 November 2004  Report this post
hi there,
just clicked on this as the "random read"
absolutely brilliant, i usually struggle to stay interested in something longer than a couple of hundred words or so, but not with this, had to read through the whole lot,
fabulous imagination, definitely appeals to the child in this adult,
love the rhymes, great piece, thanks for sharing it,
all the best,

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