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Name andrew ******
User Name bluesky3d
Home Page http://www.theicerastone.com/
Specialism Fiction
Location South West
Interests ... have written my first novel -The Icera Stone.. it is now published and is available via http://www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/
Profile Currently residing in Cornwall

Latest Work

The Icera Stone - 19 The Green Man by bluesky3d Word Count: 1010

In the depths of darkest Dorset things are stirring... The plot thickens to this Modern-Day Pagan Mystery 
16 Feb 2004

The Icera Stone-18 The Restaurant by bluesky3d Word Count: 2628

Dr Credus meets Erica... phew... things are beginning to warm up! 
14 Feb 2004

The Icera Stone-16 The Journey by bluesky3d Word Count: 1320

A shorter chapter - more than half way through now. :o) Intrigued to see the site the crystal was discovered, Chris accompanies Sam to Dorset for the weekend, leaving the Icera Stone with Adrian, his assistant, to continue with the experiments. On the Dorchester train they meet journalist Beth, who is returning home from Cambridge. She was also at the lecture... could this just be a coincidence, surely not?  
10 Feb 2004

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