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Jacqui Whittingham

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Member Since: 19 January 2003
Last visited: 03 February 2009
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Name Jacqui Whittingham
User Name Jacqui Whittingham
Birthday 21/06/1960
Specialism Poetry
Location South East
Interests Writing, reading, listening to and performing music, womens issues, families and relationships, injustice, `damaged` characters, people
Profile nearly 4 years later... I`m back, older but I guess maybe a little wiser in some ways. Life moves on and we either move with it or are re-shaped by it in some way. Some very old barriers have been broken down and at the moment I`m climbing through the rubble to see what I can build from it.

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Liar Mirror by Jacqui Whittingham Word Count: 189

About the realisation that I am getting old. 
23 Jul 2008

A Small Plum by Jacqui Whittingham Word Count: 144

This poem was actually written several years ago, when a close friend was very ill with a brain tumour. Sadly we lost him 5 years ago this week, which made em feel it was time to rework this a little and let it see the light of day. The title was invoked by somebody describing his tumour as being " about the size of a small plum". I'm still uncomfortable about the last stanza in particular and wonder if some of it is a bit too sentimental? 
21 Jul 2008

The News by Jacqui Whittingham Word Count: 88

My first attempt for some time. Generated from a long period of waiting for a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome in my daughter which on one level could clear me of parental blame for the challenges she has to face but on the other hand may trap her - if she and we let it. (In the light of comments I modified this summary to give more clarity - may review again later) 
14 Jul 2008

Motherhood by Jacqui Whittingham Word Count: 107

This is the first poem I have ever submitted outside of a safe environment-I'm not sure what to expect. The poems title tells you everything you need to know. The poem is very simple. The immense joy of becoming a Mother has the razor sharp edge of fear cutting right through it.  
11 May 2003

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