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Liar Mirror

by Jacqui Whittingham 

Posted: 23 July 2008
Word Count: 189
Summary: About the realisation that I am getting old.

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Liar mirror, looking at me
I canít handle the things that your see
The world has moved on now, leaving me behind
But Iím so tired now, I just donít mind

The world is so indifferent itís a crying shame
No matter what you do they donít remember your name

All of these children, singing their song
Warn me that it donít last long
I donít fit the skin Iím in
Doesnít seem like the dreamer Iíve been

The world is so indifferent itís a cryiní shame
No matter what you do, well no-one knows your name

Climbing up that hill
It all seems great
But the view from up here
Says you left it much too late

You wonít want me, Iím too far gone
The marks of living much too long
Thereís a stranger frowning in the glass
A Substitute to pay for my past

The world is so indifferent itís a cryingí shame
No matter what you do they donít remember your name

Life and living, itís great you see
Well I want it back now,Give it back to me
Just Give it back to meÖ

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Comments by other Members

vinny-one at 18:32 on 23 July 2008  Report this post
hi jacqui
welcome to the group, just read you piece of work posted, nice nice, great first line it flows you through the whole piece,, do you have a melody in mind for it??

Jacqui Whittingham at 19:37 on 23 July 2008  Report this post
Hi Vinny-one
Many thanks for the welcome and for your comment - I really appreciate it.
I do have a melody and I'm working with my husband (keyboard player) to structure the chords.

I wrote the lyric about 6 months ago and have been trying get time to nail it ever since. We have recently starting a writing project with other members of a band that has re-formed after performing mostly covers with another couple of originals (again my lyrics)over the past 6 years. We all feel we're getting too old to keep playing covers and want to deliver something which has more meaning for us. So hopefully we'll start working with this again now.
Thanks again, I will start reading other members work and try to give some constructive commetns back.

charyzma at 19:43 on 28 July 2008  Report this post
Hi,It's interesting what you wrote.I also feel that I'm paying for my past, and substitute aren't good enough. All the best

Jacqui Whittingham at 21:00 on 28 July 2008  Report this post
I guess the substitute as well as being a reference to me not wanting recognise myself in the mirror is also a reference back to the Who's number - they are such terrific lyrics I wanted to bask in some reflected glory I guess!
Many thanks for your comment Charyzma, it's sad we feel that way about our past, I don't especially like the person I have been at times at I'm working at becoming someone I do like. Maybe one day eh?

charyzma at 18:15 on 29 July 2008  Report this post
Ii I didn't believe I'll become a new person or better person I would've killed my self long time ago.That's why I set up new challenges every day...to improve my self.If you do the same im sure you'll achieve your goal.I'm looking forward to read your poem about mirror which you like.All the best Jacqui

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