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Name Sharon Woolf
User Name Shani
Specialism Various
Location London
Interests short stories and fiction
Profile I`ve decided it`s about time I did something constructive with my writing and ramblings so this is my first step. So far I like writing short stories and articles but I`m hoping to progress to something bigger.

Latest Work

Shoshanna and Uri by Shani Word Count: 1297

This is a section from a bigger piece of work that is set in Palestine in 1939. Shoshanna and Uri are secondary characters that I am introducing with the aim of posing some of the questions that the reader might have and to hopefully progress the story 
28 May 2008

Shoshanna and Uri by Shani Word Count: 1300

These are 2 secondary characters I'm introducing in a bigger piece of work. The story is set in Palestine in 1939 and I'm trying to use these characters to mirror some of the questions that a reader might have and also to progress the story and flesh out the setting. 
26 May 2008

Passport by Shani Word Count: 286

This is an exercise I've done for a writing course where the brief was to describe a significant object for a charcater in a story so it has links to other pieces of work I've done 
21 May 2008

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