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Name Michael Wooff
User Name michwo
Birthday 31/08/1949
Specialism Fiction
Groups Critique Central   Poetry Writers Group   Children's and YA Writers' Group  
Location North West
Interests Foreign literature in translation
Profile I read a lot.

Latest Work

Supper at Emmaus by michwo Word Count: 1788

A story told by his friend Bronzino after JC's death about a picture by the 16th century Florentine painter Jacopo Carucuu a.k.a. Pontormo who died on 6 January 1557. 
28 Oct 2016

The Squirrel and the Crow by michwo Word Count: 1288

The idea for this story sort of originated with a La Fontaine fable, "The squirrel and the fox" referring to disgraced 17th century finance minister, Fouquet, and his successor in that post, Colbert. But the playwright Corneille was a friend of Fouquet's and Corneille is one word in French for a crow. 
8 Oct 2016

The Chart of Tenderness by michwo Word Count: 89

This is a virelai as opposed to a Vera Lynn. I'm not ashamed of it exactly, but it's far too mincing and serious. I really need to lighten up to stay on this website... 
3 Oct 2016

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