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Name Mike Lewis
User Name Mickey
Specialism Poetry
Groups Poetry Writers Group   Flash Poetry  
Location South East
Interests Writing silly verse!
Profile I’ve just realised my profile was 12 years old – so here’s an update (I’ve even added a photo!) I’m not a poet – I merely write comical verse. I’m afraid that I don’t understand real poetry and am reluctant to comment on others’ work as a result. My preference is for humorous verse and I admire the work of Philip Larkin, Roger McGough, and Wendy Cope. My favourite poet however (and the only one I regularly re-read) is John Betjeman

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Whence Came Christianity? by Mickey Word Count: 107

I have always found myself in the perplexing position of having complete faith in something I don’t believe in. Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a fully Torah-observant Jew, and died a Jew, and yet as Christians, we believe in an idea that he would have found the ultimate blasphemy! 
23 Jun 2017

Slum Clearance by Mickey Word Count: 587

18 Jun 2017

Jane`s Challenge 368 by Mickey Word Count: 161

Here are two oldies that I have dredged from the archive. I posted them years ago in the Poetry Group. The first poem is entitled ‘Points of View’ and is a letter in verse to the BBC programme of the same name, and the second is another rhyming letter I actually sent to an unconvinced publisher…although it didn’t change his opinion! It's called ‘Dealing with Rejection’ 
9 Feb 2017

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