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Carlton Relf

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Member Since: 06 February 2010
Last visited: 13 December 2011
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Name Carlton Relf
User Name Carlton Relf
Home Page http://www.carltonrelf.com
Specialism Various
Location British Isles
Interests Writing, Health and Fitness, Cooking, Food and produce
Profile I have had a passion for writing since I was a young. I thought it was about time that I started to develop my writing skills with a view to getting work published. I am in the process of completing a writing course which is thoroughly enjoyable. I am writing a book about my life, but also like to write non fiction articles and short fiction - I`m sure my writing preferences will become apparent as I continue with trying to achieve my goals.

Personal Blog Posts

 Happy words or just annoying? A friend of mine has an annoying habbit. She constantly refers to everything as "delicious", "lush" or "perfection". "Nice day?" "Delicious" is the reply. or... "You look delicious" she says. or... "My day has been perfection"...
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 Lush Inspiration comes in many forms, and in many ways - How do you find your best inspiration? I find that I am at my most creative when I am walking the dog in the woods - just me, the dog and nature - Its lush!...
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 Read and Write If you don't write, then read. If you do write, then read more!...
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Latest Work

I could die for fish and chips by Carlton Relf Word Count: 1727

This is a chapter from my memoirs, although I am not sure where it will sit in the book as yet. Would be grateful for any feedback or advice. 
3 Mar 2010

Dirty Face by Carlton Relf Word Count: 1584

This is based on a true story - Not sure what to do with it yet. I have ideas for a novel or maybe a book of short stories. I am in the process of writing my memoirs but also like to write fiction. I would love to know what everyone thinks of my first serious piece of work. Contains mild sexual reference. Many thanks 
1 Mar 2010

Courage of a different kind by Carlton Relf Word Count: 499

As part of my course work I had to describe an event, place, or anywhere visited - Create an interesting piece of writing using between 300 and 500 words. Well here it is. I would be grateful for any feedback whilst awaiting its mark! Many thanks to those who decide to read and leave feedback. 
19 Feb 2010

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