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M. Close

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Last visited: 14 June 2023
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Name Mike Close
User Name M. Close
Specialism Fiction
Location Other International
Profile Mike is an American, newly moved to Thailand. He is currently experiencing things, on a daily basis, that fall well outside of his view of normalcy. water lily soup, unfamiliar, but tastey omelet fillings and driving into oncoming traffic are all just a few of the fun things he is experiencing. Surrounded by tropical beauty, new and wonderful sights, sounds and smells...(and some smells that are not so wonderful)...he is sure to have much to write about in the future.

Latest Work

Unseen by M. Close Word Count: 36

for my week 150 challenge 
22 Feb 2012

Checking In by M. Close Word Count: 612

for the Wake Up challenge 
18 Feb 2012

The Playful Giant by M. Close Word Count: 243

For the conversation challenge 
13 Feb 2012

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