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Name Nicole Lee
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Chosen - Chapter 27 by fbtoast Word Count: 1509

Now this is a seminal chapter and various people have told me to get rid of the man jumping from the train, because it simply isn't explained in the book - although it's hinted at. The whole incident basically points outside the book to the next one and to the parallel worlds context which isn't really covered in this one. Does it work? Do I really have to get rid of the jump from the train? It's central to my whole idea of the book. 
22 Oct 2009

Chosen Chapter 26 by fbtoast Word Count: 1666

Hope this chapter doesn't seem too much like telling and not showing! 
17 Oct 2009

Chosen - Chapter 25 by fbtoast Word Count: 1149

transition too abrupt from the last chapter? Neve and Efa turning up a bit implausible? 
19 Sep 2009

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