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The Darker Half by Chestersmummy Word Count: 2940

This is another chapter in my dysfunctional twins saga. In this excerpt Anna first discovers her father's illness. This is very much a first draft and I would like to know if it flows, if it is interesting and if it makes sense. Thanks for your help 
24 Nov 2018

The Darker Half by Chestersmummy Word Count: 1660

I am hoping to kickstart this site again by posting another chapter of my dysfunctional family saga in which Anna meets her future flatmate and friend, Lucy. A friendship which eventually lead to tragedy. All comments welcome please (it may help to read my other chapters). Thanks a lot. 
10 Sep 2018

A Walk in the woods by Chestersmummy Word Count: 907

For FF comp 685 
6 Sep 2018

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