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Name brighid eva burke
User Name songbird
Specialism Fiction
Location East Midlands
Interests theatre, painting, cooking, new discoveries
Profile I am a new mother and have no formal writing experience. I currently live in Nottingham but am originally from Galway, Ireland. I began writing my first short story when I was pregnant with my baby boy (Billy) who is now 10 weeks. I enjoyed making up the plot as I went along and I did not follow any guidelines or any set style of writing. i just wrote what came naturally. I would truly love one day to have a piece of work published but to achieve that I know I have a lot to learn.

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The Announcement by songbird Word Count: 3445

7 Feb 2008

The Trapped Worm by songbird Word Count: 6301
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Story of a young girl's short life due to a series of unfortunate events. 
13 Aug 2007

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