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 When inspiration strikes Isn't it always the way that suddenly, when you're least expecting it, an idea will strike you - almost knock you dead - and bring to life that other, older idea that has been festering away at the back of the dark closet of your mind for months, ...
( from http://wrigglingwriter.com/?p=133...)
 Bridge to Terabithia - spoiler alert Okay, so, as promised I'm coming back to this topic. You may recall that I mentioned in a previous post that I'd watched "Bridge to Terabithia" and then (about three quarters of the way through), wished I hadn't. I thought I ought to ...
( from http://wrigglingwriter.com/?p=117...)
 That New Year Feeling - to plot or not to plot? Well, here we are again. Two - sorry, three now - days into 2011, and I'm only just managing a post. I did manage to send Happy New Year tweets to my tweeps, but in case anyone was feeling left out, "Happy New Year!" and here we go... I hav...
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