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Crystal Sorceress CH 2 by Patsy Word Count: 6931

We get to meet the King. 
27 Jan 2006

Crystal Sorceress CH7 by Patsy Word Count: 2352

Corwin and Validamir argue about Shallon. Validamir meets an old friend. 
29 Oct 2006

Crystal Sorceress Revised Prologue Version 3 by Patsy Word Count: 3148

I know I'm beating you all over the head with this one, but it is the opening of the book, and I want it to be right! So PLEASE, one more time? Last one, I promise. Have revised this yet again since comments ending with Ang! 
13 Dec 2005

Dream Walker CH 13 & 14 by Patsy Word Count: 2799

Victoria gets another call. Katherine tries to help Jon. 
15 Sep 2006

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