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Double History - Chapter 2 by Deborah Word Count: 2324

Bit more if anyone has time to read... thanks x Oh... just to say that MC's name has changed from Cassie to Maddie - seemed to be a lot of Cassie's about recently. 
17 Aug 2009

DUE DATE - Chapter Two by Deborah Word Count: 2106

We get to see things from Janie's perspective... 
29 Jan 2009

LABRATS - 1 by Deborah Word Count: 1204

Revised start of Labrats - be very glad to hear your comments and apologies to those who've already been there... 
10 Jan 2008

LABRATS - 5 by Deborah Word Count: 1287

Jen recalling how her mother may not possess a heart at all... 
12 Feb 2008

LIFE, LOPSIDED - 2 by Deborah Word Count: 1539

Does this still work or is it too slow, too much info dump and not enough action? 
9 Jun 2008

LIFE, LOPSIDED - 7 by Deborah Word Count: 2129

We get to see the more sensitive side of Lise - not so much humour (well...) 
12 Aug 2008

LIFE, LOPSIDED - 8 by Deborah Word Count: 1612

We meet Lise's mother in a rather unexpected fashion - literally! Hope you like x 
29 Aug 2008

LIFE, LOPSIDED - 9 by Deborah Word Count: 1271

Here we find out a bit more of Lise's dad's desertion of her mother... 
27 Sep 2008

WIP formerly known as Just The Way You Are by Deborah Word Count: 1636

Couple more chapters - be great to hear what you think. Thanks x 
26 Apr 2009

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