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Name Matthew Hardcastle
User Name Paperback
Specialism Fiction
Location Yorkshire and Humberside
Interests Film, tv, video games, arts. Everything.
Profile I`m a 24 (going on 25) year old chap trying to break through as a new writer with a very unique and induvidual voice. I`ve had a few big agents show some interest in my work, but that`s about it. So as of now, i`m bashing away in my crushing, lowly paid job and struggling to find enough time to write. Come on inhertience!

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Abelardo by Paperback Word Count: 1488

Here's my second posting. There's less swearing but continues in a similar style. It's the first of 26 stories, the first characters name begins with an 'A', the second a 'B' and so on. Want any more? 
23 Mar 2004

Burgundy. by Paperback Word Count: 3618
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Here's 'B'. It's a lot longer than all the others, and it needs a lot more work, especially to sort out the ending. Any help and advice would be much appreciated. 
27 Mar 2004

Claudio by Paperback Word Count: 3717

If anyone is still interested here's 'C'. It's another longer one, needs lots and lots of editing. The grammer is pretty rough and the ending awful. Any real help? If you hate it, please tell me why. 
29 Mar 2004

DeMarco by Paperback Word Count: 273

The promised 'B' needs a lot more work towards the end. As does the 'C'. They're also much longer than the others that have been posted up here. Here's the 'D', it's very, very, short but buys me a couple of days to try and rectify these. Hope you ebjoy, it'll only take you a couple of seconds to read. 
25 Mar 2004

Dogs Dead. by Paperback Word Count: 836

One of my stories from a collection that i'm compiling. If the comments aren't too harsh i'll put up some more 
21 Mar 2004

Eddie by Paperback Word Count: 972

'E' is now here. Shorter, better than the last two. Any help, praise, advice, damnation; i'll take 'em all. 
31 Mar 2004

Forsythe by Paperback Word Count: 826

I'm on 'F' now and was hoping to have a slightly bigger readership. Spread the word people, spread the word. 
2 Apr 2004

Gill by Paperback Word Count: 2657

I really want to know the reasons for if why you like/ dislike this peice. Be as brutal (but not bitchy) as you want. I've said before i need to know how other people read my stuff. Cheers. Only 19 more to go. 
14 Apr 2004

Hennrick by Paperback Word Count: 2032

19 Apr 2004

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