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Name Gabrielle Staples
User Name Gabbie
Home Page www.pelarian.com
Specialism Fiction
Location South East
Interests Golf, fantasy & Science Fiction reading and writing
Profile Gabrielle Staples was born in Hertford, England in 1951. Raised and educated in New Zealand she received a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration Degree from Victoria University of Wellington and qualified as a chartered accountant because accountants were supposed to earn lots of money. A few years in practice soon dampened her enthusiasm for bean counting and she moved into the more interesting world of marketing and communications where she has made a reasonable living ever since.

Latest Work

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Situation Vacant - Chapter Five by Gabbie Word Count: 1690

2 Sep 2004

Situation Vacant - Chapter One by Gabbie Word Count: 2903

4 Aug 2004

Situation Vacant - Chapter Six by Gabbie Word Count: 4060

26 Oct 2004

Situation vacant - Chapter Two by Gabbie Word Count: 1728

8 Aug 2004

Situation Vacant - prologue by Gabbie Word Count: 1944
1  Comment

Set in an alternate world of the mutliverse, this prologue sets the scene for the start of 'Situation Vacant'. It seeks to intrigue and explains a past event that is refered to later in the body of the book. 
26 Jul 2004

Situation Vacant - Synopsis by Gabbie Word Count: 643

19 Jul 2004

Situation vacant Chapter Four by Gabbie Word Count: 1167

27 Aug 2004

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