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Name peter worthington
User Name vigournet
Home Page http://www.writewords.org.uk/peter_worthington
Birthday 14/02/1950
Specialism Fiction
Location West Midlands
Interests reading, writing, board member of housing association, volunteer with Red Cross
Profile I am a 62 year old retired married man with two children and two grand-children. My working life I spent in charity work, sales, and internet marketing. Currently I write, am on the board of a housing association, volunteer with the Red Cross and serve on my PCC

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4 Green clergymen hanging on a wall... by vigournet Word Count: 2045

Havoc at church as a new minister is selected. 
29 Aug 2012

Are You Going To San Francisco? by vigournet Word Count: 1069

A short story of one man's escape from prison. 
27 Jul 2012

Dining Out by vigournet Word Count: 170

What diner eats a worm? 
24 Mar 2012

Frozen Fish by vigournet Word Count: 281

My limited culinary skills 
26 Mar 2012

Home Wreckers by vigournet Word Count: 202

who would destroy a house? 
28 Mar 2012

Lost and Found by vigournet Word Count: 248

Why has our character been left behind? 
16 Mar 2012

Mirrors and Joe by vigournet Word Count: 1474

Joe has a unique ability to pass into other times and places. 
13 Mar 2012

The Eden Tree Prologue by vigournet Word Count: 691

My main character, John James Morgan, has a sick grand-son. He meets a market trader which leads John to seek out the manís brother in Jaffa, formerly Joppa, to acquire an ancient box. In the UK, the mysterious leaves miraculously heal the sick boy. Others however want the leaves too. Rescuing one friend from evil men, encountering other helpers, the Morgan family have three uninvited guests at a wedding. Another rescue mission is needed and a visit to locate the Eden Tree. 
21 Mar 2012

The Phantom Flame-bringer by vigournet Word Count: 1944

The pursuit of an arsonist 
1 Apr 2012

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