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Name Mabel Kaplan
User Name belka37
Home Page http://belka37.blogspot.com
Specialism Fiction
Location Australia
Profile I work with story in various formats as an oral teller of tales traditional, literary and original, personal and family and as a writer of children`s and historical fiction. In 2007 I wrote and self published a children’s picture book: Connie and the Pigeons. I am currently working on a YA fictionalized memoir: ‘Franz’ - the story of an Austrian boy’s experience of the closing days of WW2 in Vienna.

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ALBERT AND THE KRAMPUS by belka37 Word Count: 969

"Albert and the Krampus" is a story about the celebration of St Nicholas Day in Austria on December 5 or 6 depending in what part of the world you live. The story was created for an oral storytelling - and I've just quickly tried to translate it into a written form. I'll be interested to hear from you how well it works - and whether you think there's enough background for it work in a country unfamiliar with the Austrian tradition..  
6 Dec 2009

ASHLING by belka37 Word Count: 884

Emergent Reader or early chapter book. Ashling wants to become a really truly fairy. She works hard to follow the advice of each member of her fairy family. But when she forgets her grandfather’s warning about the dangers of moon-glue, she risks missing her last chance of fulfilling her dreams. 
31 Oct 2009

Grandpa and the Krampus by belka37 Word Count: 1549

A remake of Albert and the Krampus (hopefully, embracing the helpful advice of Issy, Freebird and Ben) I need something Christmassy to read on radio this Thursday. Will this do?) 
13 Dec 2009

PARADISE ISLAND Chapter 1 by belka37 Word Count: 2046

This is part 1 of story 3 in a trilogy about three boys affected by 3 different wars. Story 1 WW1; Story 2 WW2. Story 3: Jason's father is somewhere in the Middle East 
11 Oct 2009

PARADISE ISLAND Chapter 2 by belka37 Word Count: 1740

Chapter 1 13 yo Jasom is trying to deal with his father’s deployment as a signals’ officer with the SAS somwhere overseas. On a holiday island previously visited with his father, Jason, tired of being saddled with two kid sisters, takes off on his own on a dark adventure to a place that holds a special memory. Chapter 2 picks up the story with Jason waiting at the airport for his father's homecoming. 
24 Jan 2010

PARADISE ISLAND Chapter 3 (Part A) by belka37 Word Count: 2038

Jason struggles with his father's mood swings 
30 Jan 2010

PARADISE ISLAND Chapter 3 (Part B) by belka37 Word Count: 1716

The story continues with Jason's struggles to come to terms with his father's post traumatic stress following war service overseas. This section takes up the story immediately following the 'Welcome Home' ceremony attended by the whole family. 
7 Feb 2010

RED RIDING HOOD RAP by belka37 Word Count: 468

A retelling of the folktale of Little Red Riding Hood 
21 Oct 2009

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