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lindy lou

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Name Lindy Shearer
User Name lindy lou
Specialism Non-Fiction
Location East Midlands
Interests Meditation,Moutain walking, meeting new people, reading. cooking
Profile Since 1997 I have worked in the field of personal development as a Dynamic Life Change Consultant. I run my own coaching practice and also meditation classes. I have written my little informative Free Ebook and it is aimed at those who wish to embark on DIY personal development. You can see a little more of what I do on my site www.lindyshearer.co.uk For now I will keep this brief as Im just on a trial basis. Hopefully will profile myself in gently in time...

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Break Free the brilliance in you! by lindy lou Word Count: 6914

We can all identify with the iconic movie ĎThe Wizard of Ozí. Each Character is searching for a quality they believe they donít have. On the journey to Oz. they face many fears that hold them back, but eventually they discover that what they were searching for was already within them. Much of our search in life is like that. We chase the outside world for change, approval and self worth.  
31 Oct 2007

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