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Adrian Wylie

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Member Since: 29 August 2005
Last visited: 18 April 2009
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Name Adrian Wylie
User Name Adrian Wylie
Birthday 07/09/1946
Specialism Fiction
Location South East
Interests Scotland, Natural History, History, Genealogy
Profile Adrian Wylie has written animal stories (Aurora to Zulu, The Wild A to Z), Poems (Children of the Mist), Essays (Puma) and a novel (An Iolair Mor). Published material in National, Local, Professional Press. He is seeking to publish his existing unpublished and proposed future work.< Specialises in crossing frontiers whilst preserving mysteries. Is there anyone out here!

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Ewen the Eighth by Adrian Wylie Word Count: 130

A Golden Eagle on your arm makes you feel like a warrior king. Excalibur was never as good as this. A thrilling and yet a humbling experience for a mere human. When the huge wings spread and the weight was lifted, I actually fell over and from the ground watched a part of my soul rise into the skies for ever. Those who gathered round to help me to my feet did not know that part of me was flying in formation with that eagle. 
25 Jan 2006

Night Queen by Adrian Wylie Word Count: 174

One of several sightings. Also in prose as 'Puma', a winning entry in BBC Wildlife Magazine Nature Writer of the Year. 
4 Oct 2005

Puma by Adrian Wylie Word Count: 191

Henry Williamson once described himself as a 'fake merchant' when he worked in Fleet Street. 
10 Oct 2005

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