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At the Appointed Hour by scarborough Word Count: 5819

A short story that's more Fiction than Science, but came from a random sentence scrawled in a notebook on a bus, and a lot of subconscious stuff left over in my head from my Master's Dissertation. Be warned, it's not the most cheerful thing in the world... 
27 Mar 2006

Swaps by scarborough Word Count: 5047

Two bickering dissidents on the run in a dystopian future Britain. With added swearing. 
16 May 2005

Swaps pt 2 by scarborough Word Count: 2257

the story continues; incarceration and rescue... 
15 Jul 2005

swaps pt 3 by scarborough Word Count: 1425

our two heroes settle in. and some exposition. gotta have that exposition... 
23 Aug 2005

swaps pt 4 by scarborough Word Count: 2966

a long dark night of the soul. and some more stuff between our two main protagonists. 
24 Oct 2005

swaps pt 5 by scarborough Word Count: 2394

everything goes to hell in a handbasket... 
3 Dec 2005

Time by scarborough Word Count: 834

one of those little short stories which is more an interesting idea, than anything. 
17 Aug 2005

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