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Escape From The Land Of The Free by Alegria Word Count: 2507

In which the author relates how she awoke from the American Dream . 
30 May 2005

Natural High by Alegria Word Count: 1526

1500 word article about Montilla, Andalucia's "secret sherry", describing its history, how it's made at one venerable bodega, and providing tasting notes and food pairings. 
28 Apr 2005

Talking Dirty by Alegria Word Count: 923

Hot and cold running buckets and untethered pubic hair; the women’s hammam in mediaeval Fez is a different kind of spa experience. 
18 May 2005

Yoga In the House by Alegria Word Count: 1567

1st draft of article commissioned by a health/beauty title, they liked 'Talking Dirty' and wanted same lively style. Word count around 1200. Comments appreciated - does it capture my personal experience of this yoga retreat? Or what? 
21 Jun 2005

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