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Name jason Smart
User Name flock1
Birthday 17/08/1971
Specialism Non-Fiction
Location Yorkshire and Humberside
Interests reading (obviously) and flying
Profile I`m a primary school teacher, and have been doing that for the past 11 years. I`ve also got a keen interest in flying, and obtained my Private Pilots Licence in 2003.

Latest Work

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Life in an Inner City Primary - Chapter 1: Why Do You Want to be a Teacher? by flock1 Word Count: 2496

Tales from my time as a primary school teacher in Yorkshire. 
3 Jul 2006

Life in an Inner City Primary - Chapter 2: Teacher Training College by flock1 Word Count: 1619

Teacher Training College! 
8 Jul 2006

Life in an Inner City Primary - Chapter 4: Liveredge Middle School by flock1 Word Count: 972

Starting my First Teaching Practice 
15 Jul 2006

Life in an Inner City Primary - Chapter 5: First Teaching Practice by flock1 Word Count: 1429

A Real Eye-Opener! 
21 Jul 2006

Riga, Latvia - A Winter Wonderland! by flock1 Word Count: 2011

A Two-day trip to the heart of the Baltics. In February! 
5 Jul 2006

SATS, Drugs and Rock n` Roll by flock1 Word Count: 5432

The manuscript is based purely on my own personal experiences as a primary school teacher in Yorkshire. It delivers some of the harsh realities that face the modern schoolteacher in the UK. It is my intention to shock people and for the stories contained within the manuscript to be an eye-opener for any reader who dares to peruse its contents. But in addition to these stories, the reader will find things that are funny and will tell a more humorous side to teaching. 
7 Apr 2005

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