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Hilary Custance

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Name Hilary Green
User Name Hilary Custance
Home Page http://hilarycustancegreen.com http://www.greenwritingroom.com
Specialism Fiction
Location East England
Interests Music, opera, sculpture, gardening,
Profile Publications: A Small Rain in 2003 and Unseen Unsung in 2008. My new MS - Border Line - juggles assisted suicide and love in Slovenia. I am now working on Writing to a Ghost: Letters to the River Kwai 1941-45, my fatherís Far East prison camp memoirs and my motherís letters. I was a sculptor, then worked in brain research, now I write.

Published Works

  Hilary Custance's   A Small Rain is published . (Available Now)
  • Set in England and Peru, this is a moving story of five intertwined lives. It takes place over 18 months in the life of Stella whose husband goes missing thousands of miles from home. Music, poetry and compassion feature vividly in this absorbing novel

  •   Hilary Custance's (a.k.a. Hilary Custance Green)   Unseen Unsung is published . (Available Now)
  • Luca, brilliant but self-absorbed young opera singer, is buried in the rubble of a collapsed building. A girl crawls through the debris to comfort him and then vanishes. Did she die in the ruins? Is she a figment of his injured brain? A moving story

  • Latest Work

    Unseen Unsung by Hilary Custance Word Count: 1193

    This is the opening of the novel I published last November. Four years ago I posted a much earlier version of this and the comments helped to sort many things. I am trying to feel ready to put up the beginning of the one I am working on now, so this is just to get back into the habit again. Hilary 
    17 Jan 2009

    Minding the Gap by Hilary Custance Word Count: 99

    Normally I'd have sat on this for another couple of years, it is more thought than poetry, but I don't want to lose my place in the group so here we go. 
    7 Jul 2003

    Possibilities by Hilary Custance Word Count: 51

    I looked at a page of notes for a new research project and this, with very few alterations, is what I saw. 
    15 May 2003

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