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 Owning Gags, Controlling Jokes I had a bit of a mad week last week, but Friday topped the bill. I spent the day working with a guy called Mark Hayes, who came to our school through Konflux Theatre to do a drama workshop during the half term break. I quite liked drama as a kid so I volu...
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 I can type again (full blog includes a gory pic of my wound!) (okay, it's not that gory) I havenít written much for a few days due to a slight mishap at the beginning of the week. We were making fruit salads at school. But as knives are dang...
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 All Fired Up for 2010 Iím hoping to hit the ground running this year. I finished writing Tankís Field last night. Itís got a slightly younger feel than my regular YA stuff, but it was a story I just had to get out. In many ways it helped blow a lot of cobwebs away Ė a nice big...
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