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Name Gracy Ukala
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Interests Reading and Creative Writing, Teaching
Profile Born and educated in Nigeria, but resident in the UK since 1989, Dr Grace Williams - pen name, Gracy Ukala - is a well-known novelist in Nigeria. Her first published novel, Dizzy Angel (UPL, 1985) has sold millions of copies and is still studied as a text book in some Nigerian Schools. Dizzy Angel won a literary award in 1985. Her other works include The Broken Bond,(UPL) 2001 and Ada in London, Surviving the Traumas (Outskirts Press, 2005.

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The Broken Bond by Gracy Ukala - UPL, 2001 by Gracy001 Word Count: 101
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The Broken Bond tells the suspense-filled story of Belinda, an 18 year old young woman who has the responsibility of taking care of herself, her irresponsible father and her brother, Johnbull, thrust upon her, when her beloved mother, Teresa, suddenly dies after a devastating accident. Not having any one else to turn to, the choices before her are starkly cruel... 
15 Apr 2014

Dizzy Angel by Gracy Osifo, UPL, 1985 by Gracy001 Word Count: 91
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Dizzy Angel is a novel about a young girl, called Ogbanje Agu, who is said to have the habit of reincarnating over and over again just to torment her parents. This time around, her parents are determined to keep her alive and they go to some ridiculous lengths to try and do so. However, Ogbanje has other ideas.. 
14 Apr 2014

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