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Name Joanne Scollen
User Name JoScollen
Specialism Various
Location London
Interests Lots.......writing anything, painting, drawing, pets, yoga, alternative therapies, food, drink, and more......
Profile Self-confessed bibliophile, in the process of chucking in the UK towel, upping sticks and moving to a rural smallholding in Southern Spain to make a concerted go of writing and painting for a living. Oh, and teaching English and swapping some fruit. Married to a wonderful (albeit eccentric) man who provides me with plenty of inspiration. We have a small menagerie - 2 Alsatians, 3 cats and 3 large terrapins - and it`s about to be added to. Life is good, and every day it gets a little better.

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 Blogs: Revelations I Naively I didn't think that anyone would actually read my attempt at a blog. Some dark and self-depreciating part of me wonders why anyone would care about what I have to say. Family and friends, maybe. But strangers? Nah! So, imagine my surprise...
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 Missing E, rewards offered Back once more in an effort fulfil my life's desire - to write. Simple so you'd think, but for some reason I seem unable to allow myself to do it. It appears to be some twisted form of self-mutilation, a real way to twist the knife. I think I w...
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Labyrinth by JoScollen Word Count: 334

30 Dec 2003

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