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Name Alan Williams
User Name TassieDevil
Specialism Fiction
Groups Women's Fiction   Critique Central   Flash Fiction   Short Story Writers Group   Fast First Draft   Children's and YA Writers' Group  
Location Other International
Interests Writing, Sketching & Painting, DIY, travel
Profile Retired Australian Science Teacher and U.K. Financial Services Manager, now in France with my wife and cats to keep me sane. Sold over forty adult stories to magazines in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the U.K. plus children`s stories to Australia. Tales include blue kangaroos, green Tasmanian tigers and possums. One day I aspire to write a `normal` story. I`m not holding my breath.

Published Works

  TassieDevil's (a.k.a. Alan C. Williams, Samantha Tonge, Linda Lewis et alia)  Romance Anthology By My Side is published by Alfie Dog. (Available 17th June 2014)
  • Author Alan C. Williams has had his story 'Star Bright' selected for inclusion in the romance collection ‘By My Side’ . The collection brings together some of the best short stories from 20 authors across the globe.

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     At last- My Own Blog Site I just found out today that I'd begun my own web page over a year ago but, like many things with galloping senility, I'd forgotten to do anything on the blinking thing. I've now done some work on it and Voila!...
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     The Evils Of Single Gender Schools As a child, I attended ‘boys only' schools and it screwed up my life. No prizes for deciding which side of this divisive, educational see-saw I'll be jumping on. However, since it is an aspect of life that will affect thousands of impressionable s...
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